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You May Stay


c. Rev. Susan M. Bolt 2001
(Head Chaplain, Clouds of Thunder Motorcycle Ministry)

I set my face into the wind,
Around the curves, then straight again.
I'm not on the inside looking out.
I'm on the outside, free and proud.

This is where I pray and listen
For the voice of the One Who Has Risen.
This is my escape into what's real.
It's up above, past Calvary's Hill.

The angels wait to greet us there.
"Bikers, trikers, over here.
We've reserved a place just for you
Where you can do what you want to do.

The Master you have served very well.
The ones others forgot you saved from hell.
Not in the church did you sit so smug,
But on the road, where there were people to hug.

God remembers you did all you could.
You didn't look into the hole like 'Churchie' would.
You didn't throw a rope to hoist someone up;
You went yourself in the mire and muck.

Therefore, outside you may stay,
With your bikes to ride each day,
On streets of gold or perfect hills.
It is your choice; you're in His will.

Prostitutes, addicts, homeless, all,
You did not hesitate to answer their call.
Amongst the hedges they were found.
Your congregation did abound.

Remember now, for it is true.
Your bikes and trikes won't break on you.
But if you wish for something else.
Call on us; we're here to help.

'Yes, Lord, we will ride', you said.
And ride you did, and by Christ were led.
While others watched and smirked at you,
You carried the message of the Lord's Good News.

The blood of Jesus covers all,
It's not outside; it's in your soul.
Freely did you receive His grace,
And freely led someone else to This Place.

Bikers, trikers, believers all,
Wear your colors, proud and tall.
Do not listen to what others say,
Christ said, 'Well done, and you may stay'"