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Rocky Jay's website.   He's our Prez of the West Kentucky Chapter. He lives in a little town called Clay.  Click on the Photo to go there.

Tony Bair heads up the Thumb Area Chapter. Click the picture to go there. 

Rick Tresnak is Prez of the Most Northern Chapter, in Iowa. Click on the photo above to get to his testimony and site.

Carl is the Prez of the Chattanooga Chapter

Bill and Todd of our Ohio Valley Chapter

 Dave Shellstrom is the Verde Valley Chapter, visit his page above.

David Garrett is building the Dallas Chapter, visit his page above.

Thad, our Prescott Chapter Prez.

Jess Kelley is the West Virginia Chapter Prez.

Dave is the Prez of the SW Iowa Chapter

Royal Brown is our Prez of the Jacksonville Florida Chapter.

Meet Ben Skipper And our Riders in the UK

Meet Kenny & Terri Werley from Summit Hill, PA

Ron is our Prez of the Minnesota Chapter.

Here is the Kingman Chapter, and National Head Quarters.


Mike and Sheryl are our Phoenix Chapter. They a blessing to us all.

The Lost Chapter.  They are in Whittier California.

Steve Jones is the Prez of the Detroit Chapter, Please visit his page above.

Joe Ballard is the Trinity Chapter Prez.

Joey, our The Mounds Chapter Prez in Illinois.

Rick is the Prez of the Hillsvilles VA Chapter

Click HERE For The Flathead Valley Chapter